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Fall/Winter 2013 Hair Trends

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A bit late on the mark for this but hey… we have another 4 month contract with this chilly weather so there’s still plenty of time for a little snip and shape ;o)


There are so many different styles to top off your look – go side, crown, fishtail, updo fishtail (woah!!!), French braid, bun braid…the options are endless!

Side braid

Crown braid

Fish braid

Updo Fish Braid

Updo French braid

 Faux Fringe

Bangs can be high maintenance, but if you want the effect without the hassle, a quick down and side swipe (with a bit of product) will do the trick.

side part faux bangs

Side Part faux bangs

Side part faux bangs

side part faux bangs

A bit more daring but oh so fun and a wide variety of different styles to rock out!  Mohawks, mullets, chopped pixie and even the blatantly blunt cut extension fringe!





Neo Goth

A more feminine romantic approach this time round.

Neo Goth


neo goth

neo goth


Nicolette Lang-Andersen

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