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Getting to Know Taran Cheema – Vancouver Designer

In Interviews on October 23, 2013 at 6:40 pm

Taran Cheema

I recently interviewed Taran Cheema, a promising designer, who recently showcased a mind-bending collection at Vancouver Fashion Week, and I wanted to share some extra pics to show the method and layers behind each outfit to give you an idea of just how spectacular these designs are!

Read the article here at page 20 – 21:  WOVE Magazine

Follow Taran Cheema at:

Taran Cheema

A unique collection with each layer is a distinctly different shape.

Taran Cheema

The garments develop as the layers are added.

Taran Cheema

The traditional Sari and turban were used to guide Taran in the wrapping, folding and layering of the pieces of material.

Taran Cheema

A new bonding technique with fusible interfacing was created to make sure all the edges were clean.

Taran Cheema

When observed from various angles one sees a fresh perspective of each piece.

Taran Cheema

Wishing this talented young lady all the best!


Nicolette Lang-Andersen

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