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Getting to Know Taran Cheema – Vancouver Designer

In Interviews on October 23, 2013 at 6:40 pm

Taran Cheema

I recently interviewed Taran Cheema, a promising designer, who recently showcased a mind-bending collection at Vancouver Fashion Week, and I wanted to share some extra pics to show the method and layers behind each outfit to give you an idea of just how spectacular these designs are!

Read the article here at page 20 – 21:  WOVE Magazine

Follow Taran Cheema at:

Taran Cheema

A unique collection with each layer is a distinctly different shape.

Taran Cheema

The garments develop as the layers are added.

Taran Cheema

The traditional Sari and turban were used to guide Taran in the wrapping, folding and layering of the pieces of material.

Taran Cheema

A new bonding technique with fusible interfacing was created to make sure all the edges were clean.

Taran Cheema

When observed from various angles one sees a fresh perspective of each piece.

Taran Cheema

Wishing this talented young lady all the best!


Nicolette Lang-Andersen

Jennyfleur Loves Moving Party!

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Don’t forget to head over to Jennyfleur Loves… on Thursday evening for their moving party!


Jennyfleur Loves..

See you there!


Nicolette Lang-Andersen

Style Diary – Weekend Gypsy

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A restful weekend (i.e. no work and plenty power yoga) brought out the gypsy soul in me and what better way to do that than wear GYPSY SOUL DESIGNS!  I just love the fabric and this kimono is so versatile.

Outfit: dress & kimono – Gypsy Soul Designs / Boots – Zara / Linda Farrow eyewear & rings – Jennyfleur Loves / bag & necklace – Urban Outfitters / bangles – Primark

Nicolette Lang-Andersen

Nicolette Lang-Andersen

Nicolette Lang-Andersen


Nicolette Lang-Andersen

Fine Finds Mid-Season Sale!

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Fine Finds


 Nicolette Lang-Andersen

Eco Fashion Week Style Diary

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Phew – catching up after the last Eco Fashion Week has been a challenge and a half but here is a quick summary of my style diary over the days I attended.  I love attending Eco Fashion Week (besides for the fashion of course), but it really re-inspires me to dig up my vintage pieces and implement them with the current trends.  And it’s always a great excuse to pull out my vintage fur!


Nicolette Lang-Andersen Vintage jacket – Jennyfluer Loves… / studded pants – Topshop / Ring – Accessorize / Clutch – Forever 21 / Heels – Aldo

Images – courtesy of R!c of Sidewalk Runway


The Librarian

Nicolette Lang-Andersen

Nicolette Lang-Andersen

Nicolette Lang-Andersen

Outfit: Fur jacket – Used House of Vintage / Blouse – Vintage (gift) / skirt & necklace – Zara / Bag – Value Village / Heels – River Island / Earrings, belt & bracelet – H&M


A Parisian Affair

Nicolette Lang-Andersen

Nicolette Lang-Andersen

Outfit: Capelet & skirt – Evan Clayton / sheer top – Jacqueline Conoir / vintage bag & broach – Value Village / vintage hat – Gastown Shop Hop / heels – Aldo / necklace – Butler & Wilson

Images by R!c from Sidewalk Runway – Thank you Ric)


Nicolette Lang-Andersen

Vancouver Designer – Getting To Know Evan Clayton

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I met Evan Clayton over a year and a half ago.  In fact it was the day that I interviewed David Jack!  Evan was David’s apprentice and busy working away in the background and unbeknownst to me, he was an incredible designer in the making and I would interview him one day too!

Evan Clayton

Evan recently showcased his second collection at VFW and I, along with all the EC admirers, waited with bated breath for his collection to hit the runway.  When he revealed his first collection last season, he knocked everyone sideways because he pushed the boundaries and disregarded any politeness about showcasing a raw, edgy, artistic and partially nude fashion show.  It made you stop and think about the story and meaning behind the collection.   Well, Evan’s latest collection, named KIN, was just as delightfully shocking!  It had a completely different theme and background but with the same haunting romanticism as his last collection.  The collection drew on aspects from the sea, with the show starting off with sheer white designs, reminding me of Japanese kimono’s, which clung to the models wet bodies.  Next were stiff white leather corset style bodices with sheer green fabric, creating a great aesthetic contrast.  The last piece was exceptionally bold – a clear plastic PVC bustier trimmed with sea shells worn by a topless model.

Evan’s designs have been worn by local actress Zara Durani, Lady Gaga, Sharon Needles, Alaska Thunderfvck and Manila Luzon who all own pieces of his collection so it’s not surprising that he would love to design for Lady Gaga and Daphne Guinness.

Currently all pieces are either samples or custom orders through Evan at his studio but you can get in touch and follow him on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

Evan Clayton

Evan Clayton

Evan Clayton

Evan Clayton

Evan Clayton

Our interview: 

Tell me about your brand?

 I like to think of EVAN CLAYTON as an autobiography.  I like to take different inspirations and use them as a lens to explore my past, present and tentative future incarnations of myself.

Where are you from? What is your educational background?

I grew up all over B.C. but most of my life has been spent on the Kootenay areas, specifically Trail. A big part of my life was spent on Vancouver Island living with my grandparent during the summer.  I went to school at the Blanche MacDonald Center and graduated in 2011.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is the most authentic form of personal expression.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I’m in a constant state of inspiration, and am heavily inspired by history and the natural world.

When did you realize you wanted to become a designer?

On some level I knew that I wanted to work in fashion from a very young age, but I wanted to design after watching my first McQueen show when I was 13.

What was the first piece you ever designed/created and how old were you?

Hmmmm… I remember the first piece I ever designed was a rainbow fur coat that I colored with gel pens when I was 7 or 8. But the first piece I ever designed and made was a portfolio piece for Blanche MacDonald. It was a red silk strapless cocktail dress weigh grey and black tulle messily wrapped around it.

Who inspired you to become a fashion designer?

Alexander McQueen

What has been the inspiration for your collections?

My first collection was inspired heavily by the Lady Gaga song “Princess Die”, the death of Joan of Arc, and drag performer Sharon Needles. It was meant to be seen as a metaphor for the decay of the modern superstar, a concept Lady Gaga frequently explores.   For my most recent collection I looked toward Japanese historical costume and watched a lot of David Attenborough documentaries on the Pacific Northwest.

 What are your favorite fabrics/materials to work with?

I love working with leather!

What is the general process you go through to create a piece?

 Every piece is different, but generally when I design a collection I mass design the whole thing and tweak elements of it as I design.  I personally pattern draft and make every single piece on my collection right now. Depending on the piece I usually utilize a mixture of draping and pattern drafting.  Often I find myself dyeing fabrics as well to get the right color.  Once piece can take anywhere between a day and 2 weeks.

What is the hardest piece you have ever created?

Probably anything I’ve done in a molded leather haha.

What matters to you most as a designer?

Authenticity. Even if your design is a lie, at least be real about it.

What do you believe makes a quality article of clothing?

 Attention to detail, even if it means actually lining garments properly.

How would you define your city’s fashion? And/or what would you like your city’s fashion/style to look like?

People dress here rather simply. I like to see people breaking molds. I think some of the most fashionable people in Vancouver are the punk kids that hang out on Granville.

What is your favourite current trend and how would you define your personal style?

Romantic gothic!  And Black, black and more black!

What are your fashion goals over the next few years?

 I’d like to be showing internationally within a year.

Are you working on another collection – what can we expect, can you give us a clue?

I have a follow up to KIN in the works, but I’m going to keep it under wraps for now ;o)

If you weren’t a designer, what would you be doing?

I would be in the forest saving the whales.

What is one fun thing that people probably don’t know about you?

The choir that I was in when I was 12 opened for the Barenaked Ladies ;o)

Do you have a favorite quote?

“Design is intelligence made visible” – My mother

Evan Clayton

Wishing Evan all the best!


Nicolette Lang-Andersen

Vancouver Designer – Getting to know Angela Huang

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AngelaHuang_Winter2013 (14)

Angela Huang, born in Taiwan but raised in Canada, is an emerging designer currently studying at Kwantlen Polytechnic University.   Huang recently made her debut as a solid designer at Vancouver Fashion Week s/s 2014 with a sophisticated but extremely bold collection.  You would swear that she had done this before with the level of design, sewing and attention to detail.  Her all-white collection was both breathtaking and refreshing in the simple lines and minamilist sleek silhouettes with interesting but uncomplicated design elements such as the reversed jacket, showing a deep v-neck lapel on the back of the garment – insane!

I met Angela about a year ago, when we were working backstage styling for Vancouver Fashion Showcase and it’s been such a pleasure watching this young lady grow in her field and adding another fashionable feather to Vancouver’s cap.

A traveller and foodie (the eating part at least) at heart, Angela gets much of her inspiration from places she visits.   With her sketch book permanently in hand, she documents the architecture, songs, movies…basically everything she stumbles upon.  Drawing has always been a strong element in her life.  “I can’t recall the time I realized that I wanted to become a designer.  I started drawing at a very young age and just never stopped.  I can only remember when I was 8 years old I decided that I should start saving all my drawings.  So, I now have all these ridiculous designs in a file under my bed.”

 Angela lives by doing what she loves with no regrets and believes that the key to success is being ambitious and to “network network network! Push yourself to do things that benefits your future before it’s too late.  I believe that the four years of post secondary education is mostly buying time for students to plan their future.  Networking is very important in any industry.   All opportunities come from networking.”

With dreams of living in Milan where “it’s like waking in a painting” and “learning high-end tailoring from an old Italian master” and designing for Anne Hathaway with her classy and feminine look but boyish personality, there’s no doubt that Angela Huang is a star in the rising and a designer to watch very very closely.

Pieces from Angela’s SS2014 collection are all one of a kind pieces and although it did not go through production, she is planning on putting her FW2014 collection (which “may or may not have some colour – wink wink”) through production and possibly distributing to Vancouver boutiques, making it available to the public.  For now, readers can contact Angela directly at or follow her at:  FacebookWebsite / Twitter / Instagram

AngelaHuang_Winter2013 (2)

AngelaHuang_Winter2013 (8)

AngelaHuang_Winter2013 (11)

1_AngelaHuang_Winter2013 (18)


Nicolette Lang-Andersen


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