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Meet Jane Smoker!

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A week ago, I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Vancouver’s renowned Jane Smoker!  When Jennifer from Jennyfleur Loves… mentioned wanting Jane Smoker as the model for their new stock lookbook, I almost died at the wicked idea!  Getting to know this character was a naughty treat and I thought it would be in your best interest to get to know her too ;o)

JFL Look Finals-2

Who is Jane Smoker?

Trashy party girl, blonde bombshell, and a hard WERK-ing girl. Jane Smoker prides herself on being a well dressed booze-hounding bitch that you love to hate.

What does Jane smoker do?

Jane is a drag performer who hosts PROM at the Cobalt every month, impersonates Posh Spice in Vancouver’s “Spice Gurlz” at the Rio Theatre and performs at various nightclubs in Vancouver, with the most recent being at Fortune Sound Club opening for Brooke Candy. Inspired by the prettiest, most famous train wrecks in Hollywood, Jane makes it a habit to always look paparazzi perfect: dressed to the nines while trying to keep from stumbling.

Where can people see Jane Smoker?

You can see Jane at the venues mentioned above, and if you’re lucky…in the right alley way at the right time.

How is Jane Smoker different than other drag queens?

Jane always knew she wanted to be on stage, not that she wanted to dress in drag, but being introduced to that scene made her realize that this was an outlet. Her desire is to put people in awe with theatrical performances that go beyond the norm…to not only confuse the audience with a gender illusion but to keep viewers on their toes about what will happen next on stage through shock value and stage effects. You’re more likely to see her performing a dirty rap song half naked than a Whitney Houston song in a sequin gown.

How did Jane smoker come about?

Jane is a fabrication of all things hot, blonde and messy, beginning her reign of terror in March 2012. Her career took off after the Mr/Miss Cobalt Competition in March 2013, where she finished as the runner-up.

Who exactly are your inspirations?

Lindsay Lohan, Courtney Love, Anna Nicole Smith, Paris Hilton, Brooke Candy, Iggy Azalea, Courtney Stodden…and I guess we can add Miley Cyrus to that list now.

What is your fiercest and favorite outfit?

Jane has never repeated an outfit, so her fiercest and favourite outfit will be whatever she wears next.

Favorite look from the Jennyfleur Loves… photoshoot?

Smoke pants, blazer and Compton toque with gold necklace and gun heels look.

Favorite designer?

Favorite designers include JOYRICH, Unif, Brian Lichtenberg and anything from Dare to Wear.

What is it like to be Jane Smoker?

It takes a lot of attitude, confidence, patience and pain tolerance.

What can’t you leave the house without?

The highest heels, full pack of Belmonts and a buzz.

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Some pics from the shoot!

All clothing & jewelry – Jennyfleur Loves… / shoes – Jane Smoker / Venue – Launder All Coin Laundry / Hats & headpieces made by Jennyfleur Loves… & Nicolette Lang-Andersen

Creds: Photographer – Aaron Aubrey  / Stylist – Nicolette Lang-Andersen / MUA – Micah Gilbert, Curlique Beauty / Hair – Ed James, Myles Laphin – Avant Garde / Nails – Haus of Lacquer / Stylist assistant & Photographer’s assistants – Shaughnessy Chow and Jan van Vianen

Jane Smoker

Jane Smoker

JFL Look Finals-7

JFL Look Finals-6

JFL Look Finals-8

Jane Smoker

Jane Smoker

JFL Look Finals-13

JFL Look Finals-14

Jane Smoker


Nicolette Lang-Andersen

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