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Vancouver Designer, Evan Clayton, to Showcase Sophomore Collection

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Evan Clayton is proud to debut his Spring/Summer 2014 collection, “KIN” at this season’s Vancouver Fashion Week showcase. The show will take place at The Chinese Cultural Centre on September 18th 2013 at 7:45 p.m. Using the migration patterns of the Northern Pacific humpback whale as a lens and the spectacular geographical pattern of the Pacific coastline as a backdrop, the collection implores a sense of yearning. Inspired by the sophomore iamamiwhoami album of the same name, “KIN” seeks to provide a sense of nostalgia to the viewer. The show also features a collaboration with stylist Kenneth Wyse and will be live streamed from the Vancouver Fashion Week website.

Evan Clayton is an up and coming local fashion designer who strives to marry art and fashion in such a way as to create political, personal and artistic expression. Evan is a skilled designer whose talents are ready to be shown on the world stage of fashion. Fresh off the success of his Fall / Winter 2013 collection “The Fall of Joan”, EVAN CLAYTON pieces have garnered much editorial and celebrity attention, including having garments owned by Lady Gaga and Sharon Needles, as well as having pieces pulled for Canadian rapper Matt Brevner’s upcoming Much Music sponsored video for “Pride”.

Evan’s influences include the natural world, modern pop culture, David Attenborough documentaries and a variety of performance artists. These influences can be seen throughout the body of his work in fabric innovation, skilled tailoring and by pushing the boundary of the silhouette. This collection caters to women who are unafraid of embracing their sexuality and who don’t shy away from making a bold statement with their appearance.

Well, I for one, CAN’T WAIT to see this collection!

 Nicolette Lang-Andersen


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