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My Contribution to Elle Canada

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Today could quite possibly be the the highest highlight of my fashion career so far!  Two weeks ago, I was contacted by Elle Canada asking whether I would like to contribute towards a piece on “Finding the Perfect Watch”.   Of course I said yes!

Nixon - The Raider

In case you missed it – here is the link to the spread, which was released today (split onto two pages), superbly written by Ava Baccari.

Finding a watch is as important as finding the right pair of glasses.   It can say a lot about your personality and style.  Less of a statement symbol nowadays, and more an accessory where people are starting to have fun with the different colours & styles.

Here are some extra tips on finding that perfect arm candy…I mean watch ;o)

Nixon - The Raider

It should be versatile – it should complement most of your wardrobe.

It should reflect your personal style or what you want to your style to convey?  Are you more of the trendy type, sporty or do you prefer classic styles?

It should suit your career – your watch should compliment your working environment and the clothing that you have to wear to work, e.g. a lawyer wouldn’t be wearing a bright, neon digital sports watch or a watch encrusted with diamante at the courthouse.

It should suit your lifestyle – If your lifestyle is outdoors and adventure or sports orientated, it’s probably wise to purchase a hardy, weatherproof watch.  But bear in mind, these extra gadgets are going to add to the price.

Determine what your price point is?  One main factor that will affect the price is whether it is electronic, which uses a battery, or if it is mechanical, which uses a small pendulum to wind up.  Mechanical watches are normally more expensive, but are of finer quality.

Nixon - The Raider

Decide what materials you prefer – leather or metal?  If metal, do you prefer gold or stainless steel.  Most often than not, people with cool skin tones carry of silver very well and people with warm skin tones, carry off gold very well.

If you are still unsure on what you want and you just want a conservative, neutral watch that goes with anything, the best option would be to go for a well-built, timeless watch in a medium price point.  Choose a neutral dial colour and stick with stainless steel link straps or opt for a brown leather band watch – both of these are very versatile in any setting and with any outfit.  Another great neutral option is two-tone or tortoise shell.

Some great watch recommendations – TAG Heuer, Movado, Cartier and Fossil carry a wide range of feminine, masculine and timeless pieces.   Cassio watches have made a comeback and are favored by the retro, hipster type.  Swatch, Nixon and Toywatch are for the more bold & adventurous types.

Nixon - The Raider

For me, finding one watch is a bit tough as my wardrobe and style constantly changes.  That and wearing one would totally contradict my arriving fashionably late all the time – tee hee!  However, I’ve  do have my eye on the Nixon (The Raider)  above – it’s fresh, fashion forward and has the perfect mix of femininity and masculinity.

Happy shopping!


Nicolette Lang-Andersen

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