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Irit Sorokin says Oui Oui Oui to Spring

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Irit Sorokin lapped up the azure coastline of the French Riviera for her Spring 2013 collection.  Her statement making jewellery is boiling over with blue green gems and royal motifs representative of the breathtaking resort area.  Pulling and merging these influences with historical artists and sophisticated fashion tastes, the collection reveals intricate style masterpieces that instantly boost the chic-factor of your wardrobe.

 “My designs are always influenced by fashion that I observe when I travel, this year that meant the French Riviera,” says Irit.  “I was inspired by French woman and how they dress.  No yoga pants here.  Each woman expressed their own style, there was lots of colour, and accessories were a big part of their wardrobe.”

 Turning that “je ne sais quoi” into a wearable collection for Canadian women means the blue green waters of the Mediterrean are interpretted as an oversized lapis with pyrite pendant and layers of blue green lapis and chrysophase beads on a gold filled chain.  The royal history of the Cote d’Azure is turned into pendants made of authentique 300 AD Roman coins and carved urns.  The colour story of these majestic jewels also reflects the palettes of revolutionary French artists Chagall and Matisse.

 One glance at Irit Sorokin Designs France-inspired Spring 2013 jewellery will have you saying au revoir to your delicate pearl earrings.  Instead you’ll be awash in confidence as people marvel at the regal woman wearing one of Irit Sorokin’s artful accessories.

 Prices for this collection range from $50 to $500 and can be found at Jeweliette, The Urban Rack, Forever Young Broadway, Chloe Angus Design, Fine Finds Boutique, Pieces, and House of Jewels in BC’s lower mainland.

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