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Interview with Krista McKenna of One Piece Vancouver

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Krista McKenna, is one half of the sister dynamite team I met a little while back.  We’ve chatted briefly backstage at fashion shows or exchanged quick hugs inbetween shows (I’m a self-confessed hug addict and Krista can give a mighty good hug!), but we’ve never really sat down properly to chat.  From what I knew of her, she was force of positive energy and involved in many ventures and projects that give back to the Vancouver community.  Krista has recently started up her own business called One Piece Vancouver which is rocketing higher and higher every day.  Quality my friends, goes a long way!

Read on for our interview

Tell me a little about yourself & where you’re from? 

I  am born and raised from Vancouver. I love my city!

You’re a lady with a LOT on the go, but what I’m dying to hear more about is your scarf business, how did that start?

Busy is right!  Funny story- I taught myself how to make scarves only because I could never find quality materials in scarves, and they were never the right bulky-ness, texture, color… something was always wrong. The unfortunate thing is that in Vancouver, its pretty difficult to find a good knit scarf at a reasonable price.  Being somewhat of a scarf addict myself, it really frustrated me that I had to spend $200+ on a acrylic/minor wool blend.  So I stopped buying.  I went on a scarf strike, and I stayed strong for a few weeks – until it got cold.

 I had to find a way to fix my problem – so I went to the crafts store, bought my supplies, and taught myself how to crochet by watching youtube videos.  Since I am naturally an extremist, I started making scarf after scarf after scarf! Soon my friends and family all wanted one, and then I started getting inquests about me custom making some- so I did.  I found an amazing yarn maker and distributor from Turkey, created a partnership with them, and now I am my own little scarf sweat shop!

What has been the best part of making the scarves?

Having a creative outlet to play and explore!  I don’t follow any patterns, and I also don’t write down my patterns so its all go with the flow. Its fun to see what comes from a simple inspiration or idea.

How would you describe your collection?

Cozy and Bold. LOL, I don’t know if thats described enough – I love statement colours wether that be phosphoric pink or bulky black, or even cherry red, and I am personally drawn to the larger yarns and bulkier materials. The chunkier the better!

What are your favorite wools to work with and how long can one scarf take to make?

 I love to work with cashmere blends and Merino wool.  The cashmere is so so soft and it feels like clouds on your cheek, and the merino is nice and bulky and keeps everything warm.  Two completely different looks, but both equally fantastic. Depending on the style and material a simple scarf can take me three hours to complete, where a more complicated style can take a few days – had to work with the creative process.  Since I am busy running my multiple businesses as well as school, finding the time to sit down and work can be both difficult and relaxing.

Your scarves look quite versatile, can they be worn in different ways?

Yes!  Every one of my scarves are specifically made to be worn in various ways. I hate limitations.  I like to be able to work one scarf into five or six different looks and styles, and I make every scarf with that intention.

Are your scarves unisex and can anyone pull off one of your pieces? 

Unisex (my hubby and many of my guy friends sport them) – everyone and anyone can wear my scarves. We are inclusive to all.

Any rules, or do & don’ts about wearing scarves from your perspective?

Dont wear crappy materials!  It scratches your skin and absorbs dirt and sweat – gross!  Higher quality, more natural materials are longer lasting (worth the money!) and way better for you.  Not to mention, they just plain look better.

Where can we buy these lovely warmers? 

 Right now I have an etsy store, facebook page, pinterest, twitter and instagram – so anywhere you find One Piece, you can make an order!

Direct Email:





Where can we find out more about your other ventures? 

 Social City Networking INC:

Get Warm Project:

Team Awesome

Altitude Vip

Krista on the left, Sara on the right – so huggable right!


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