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A Styling Christmas!

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Stuck on gift ideas this Christmas?   

Wondering what to get for that special someone?   The packages below are guaranteed to blow their Christmas socks right off!


Colour Consultation – $75 (up to 1.5 hrs)

By looking at your skin tone, hair and eye colour, I will show you which colours complement and enhance your natural features.  Shortly after our meeting you will be sent a colour report including useful tips on your colours, make-up and accessories along with colour swatches for you to take with you when you go shopping.


Style & Body Shape Consultation – $75 (up to 1.5 hrs)

In this consultation we will discuss your lifestyle and personality to establish your style.  We will look at your body shape to ensure you are wearing the correct clothes to make the most of your best features and tricks on disguising the bits you don’t like.  This session is guaranteed to leave you with invaluable tips and bags of confidence.


Wardrobe Detox – $150 (3 hrs)

This service is offered as a stand-alone service but is most beneficial when combined with the colour, style and body shape consultation as the results from those are taken into consideration when going through your wardrobe.

I will visit your home, where we will go through all the items in your wardrobe systematically based on your needs.   I will show you different ways to wear and combine existing clothes and how to revive items with a few simple tweaks.

Finally, by determining the gaps in your wardrobe, I will compile a list of items that you need to achieve a basic skeletal wardrobe. which you can eventually expand on with your new found knowledge.  This session is designed to give you a renewed confidence in yourself and your appearance.

Please note, the time taken to go through your wardrobe depends on how extensive it is.  However, I will give you a few preparatory steps before our consultation to eliminate any wasted time.


Shopping Spree – $150 (up to 3 hrs)

As with the Wardrobe Detox, this service is most beneficial when you have undergone the colour, style, body shape and wardrobe analysis, as we will know exactly what colours and styles to look out for and we’ll have a list of essential items to complete your skeletal wardrobe.  I will show you how pleasurable shopping can be, once you know what you are looking for!  However if it’s just a fun shopping spree that you need, an outfit for a special occasion or you just fancy sprucing up your wardrobe, you will have my sound advice and honest opinion!  Depending on your budget and preference, we can visit high street stores or my carefully selected designer boutiques where you will receive fab discounts.


For Him – $150  (approx 3 hrs)

Men’s styling is just as important as women’s, especially in today’s world where men are putting much more effort into their appearance, both in the casual and working environment.  In this short and fuss-free consultation,  I will show you what colours suit your skin tone, what styles of clothing suit your current life style and enhance your body shape.


If you fancy skipping the consultation above and heading straight to the shops, I will take you to the best stores in town and whip you into shape.


OR…for an EXTRA SPECIAL TREAT to sweep them off their feet…

Diva’s Day Out – $399 (full day)

It’s your time to shine!  The day starts with a two hour shopping trip, where you will receive discounts from a careful selection of my favourite boutiques.  After a divine diva lunch, you’ll continue on to your make-over photoshoot, where I will style you in your new items and you will have your hair, make-up and photos done by professionals.  Shortly after, you will receive 5 images to remember your special day by.  Smile, camera…action!

Purchase of clothing not included in price.


Shooting Star – $269 (4 hours)

If you’re a busy little bee and want to skip the shopping and lunch by heading straight to the paparazzi flash light, this is the package for you.  Bring along a selection of your finest garments, shoes and accessories to the studio, where I will style you on the spot and have your hair, make-up and photos done by professionals.  Shortly after, you will receive 5 images to remember how fab you really are!


Pure Luxury – $379 (full day)

This day is all about you!  From a handful of carefully selected boutiques, enjoy two hours of discounted shopping where you will have my undivided attention.  Next, put your hair in the hands of one of the best salons in Vancouver for a relaxing wash & blow dry.  After a spot of lunch, you’ll be whisked away for a make-over beauty consultation and we’ll finish the day off with a luxurious manicure or pedicure at the most heavenly beauty room in town.

Purchase of clothing not included in price.

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