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Happy International Womens Day

In Uncategorized on March 8, 2012 at 9:51 pm

I felt compelled to share a few words today in light of celebrating International Womens Day.  I must admit, until this year, even though I have thought about what the inspiring women in my life have done for me, I haven’t properly celebrated what I have achieved and how I have contributed or perhaps even inspired someone out there.  It’s pretty awesome that my number one fan (my husband) is often stopping me while I have a mouth full of dinner, with my laptop to the side, saying ” you know, you should be really proud of yourself.  Have you actually stopped to think how much you have actually done in one year!”  (yes – bless his red and grey stripey cotton socks).   And I do, briefly, but today I’ve thought about it a little more.  Not just looking at the past year but since I left school and how much influence the amazing people around me have impacted my decisions and path in my life.

Without trying to date myself, when I was finishing school, for some reason the choices available for further education (in South Africa at least) for a young girl were not that huge especially in a single parented, middle-class family.  And I am in no way disrespecting that lifestyle, as it has definitely played a hugely postive aspect in my life, especially in my creativity and resourcefulness.   My options were to become an accountant, secretary or travel agent, which I was pretty content with as I couldn’t wait to be a grown-up and travel the world.

I certainly did all of those things (well the grown-up secretary traveling the world part at least), but along the way with a few life-changing experiences, I started to assess what was important to me, what made me happy, disect my mistakes and what I could learn from them, surrounding myself with people I respected and who had a positive impact on me and staying away from those who didn’t.  All this led me to a path of following my dreams and passions of working in the fashion industry and finding a way to make it work.  I want to make sure I take advantage of my second chance and that when I look back, I can say I went for it and used it well.

We live in a changing world, a generation of female entrepreneurs leading the way, setting examples and showing us it is possible.  I believe the younger generation of today are becoming more and more creative and they have a wonderful selection of career choices at their fingertips that are fulfilling and are not frowned upon.  We have a way to go and there are still a lot of unfortunate women out there who can’t help themselves but if we keep moving forward with the right message, maybe we can help in some small way.

To finish up, I like to extend many thanks and a huge virtual hug to all the ladies, friends and family that have inspired me and lovingly pushed me in the right direction – you know who you are!  Thanks to all my icons, my teachers, even strangers along the way that have helped me become a strong and independent woman.   Thanks for all the pats on the back…but it’s time I pat my own – well just for today at anyway ;o)


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