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Done With Your Detox?

In Uncategorized on January 15, 2012 at 8:07 pm

After all the festive feasts and social butterflying of December, I’m guessing most of you have been or still are on some form of a detox, trying to rid yourself of the last traces of Christmas pudding and sneaky night caps.  Why not complete your detox and start your new year afresh with a complete wardrobe cleanse?

Are you tired of trying to love your wardrobe but it’s just not loving you back?  Are you tempted to throw the whole lot in the bin but worried about the cost of a new wardrobe?  Well, that’s where I can help.  Instead of wasting what you have and spending more, I can help you separate what has had its day from what we can lovingly save or re-vamp.  It’s all about finding the hidden gems and letting go of the bits that are dragging you down.



Click on the following link to find out more details about this service and to book your session with me.

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