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Vancouver Fashion Showcase 2011

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I’m a little late in posting this but things have only just calmed down after a hugely successful 4 days of showcasing some of Vancouver’s best retailers, boutiques, local designers and talented graduate designers.

I barely remember the two weeks running up to the gala opening runway show it was so busy, my days merged into one and I pretty much went on autopilot formulating plans, procedures & creating spreadsheets to ensure that my part ran as smoothly as possible.  And with all the endless preparing and organizing, nothing can prepare you for arriving back stage and putting your methods into practice, knowing that a few hundred people are filtering into the room next door and are expecting a good performance – phew!

Thank goodness I had help from my two amazing assistant stylists (Angela & Alice) who took everything in their stride and basically ran with whatever I gave them.  Despite the few challenges that were thrown our way, they truly stepped up to the plate and I couldn’t have done it without them and all the eager volunteer dressers – thank you, thank you, thank you :o)

The night started off with a bang, with Reza performing a Michael Jackson dance that set the mood and it didn’t stop there.  One after another, the models strutted out in gorgeous outfits from stores such as Jacqueline Conoir, iShara, Blushing Boutique, Jennyfleur Loves… and local designer Nicole Bridger.  Three categories, a hip-hop routine and a few songs later by the very talented Chloe Rook, the last few few models walked onto the runway to close the show.  The instant relief, joy, excitement, adrenaline and five full minutes of high-fiving and hugging everyone back stage is indescribable.

A few highlights from the evening…

Photo cred – Dan Poh

Photo creds – Jacky Hung

Myself, Jihan, Whitney & Florence

The next few days consisted of a whirlwind of events hosted at boutiques and retailers in and around Vancouver.  On Saturday I judged a styling competition at the amazing Holly Boutique in Gas Town along with store owner Holly.  It was great to see the different interpretations of outfits put together by the three creative contestants.

Giving feedback / Photo creds – Holly Boutique

After plenty of networking events and the like, the showcase came to an end with a gathering at Canvas where lots of amazing prizes where won (not by me sadly!) and lots of glasses were raised.

Congrats to Florence who created such an amazing event in such a ridiculously short time!  Her tenacity and determination is so inspiring and I can’t wait for next year!

Before I finish off this post, just a heads up to keep a look out for the first ever Vancouver Fashion Truck – created by Jennyfleur Loves… It’s the most chic thing I’ve seen on four wheels and it could be your neighborhood soon :o)

Photo creds – Jennyfleur Loves…


  1. It looks like that was a lot of fun! So wish I could have been there… You look gorgeous!

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