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The Queen Of Pearls…And An Extra Special Discount!

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Carola Bun, the creator and mastermind behind Bun, a luxurious range of exquisite pearl jewelry, shares her simple and easy-to-incorporate tips on styling and being fabulous!



Step-By-Step Styling Secrets – by Bun

Save time:  Stress-free styling for every day.

Save money: Invest in timeless pieces, not disposable fashion.  Redesign your current wardrobe with the simple tips below.

Simple solutions:  Keep your look simple, you want people to see you for you, not what you’re wearing.

…and you may as well shine with elegance, class and confidence while you’re at it ;o)


Here’s the “How-to” in four simple steps:

  • Identify your best body part and accentuate.  E.g. use a belt for a waistline, stilettos for ankles, a low-cut blouse for a voluptuous bust, etc.   If you’ve got more than one, don’t show them all off at the same time!  Follow the “top or bottom” rule – if wearing something revealing on top, be sure to cover up your bottom half and vice versa.
  • Keep it simple – never wear more than three colors at a time, sticking with one or two is your best bet.  Monochromatic color streams always exude class and elegance and wearing too many colors at a time confuses the eye.  You want people to see you for you and not for what you’re wearing.
  • Keep a polished clean look – make-up should never be over-done, hair should always be well washed and styled with ease.
  • Now you’ve got a perfect “blank canvas” to add the perfect final touch – your pearl necklace!!!



To view House of Bun’s amazing collection follow this link:


So why pearls?

Lustrous Pearls instantly add glow and highlight your natural features & your inner beauty.  Investing in pearls, whether they are cultured or glass is a great decision.  They are timeless – you’ll wear them today, tomorrow and even 10 years from now – they’ll NEVER go out of style!


Personal image/branding yourself

The way you look, creates the way you feel, which creates the way others feel about you.  So if you’re looking amazing and shining with confidence…well lets leave the rest to you.

Did you know 55% of the way people view you is entirely by what you look like?  That leaves 45% to everything else.  Perfecting your image is of highest importance – you are your own “virtual business card”, so dress for success and go for gold!



“Jewelry should not just be worn, it should be “felt” by its wearer.  My ultimate goal is to highlight and accentuate a woman’s true beauty.” – Carola Bun  /   /   /   /

If you have any more questions, simply email them at for an immediate response.


 AND NOW FOR THE DISCOUNT…drumroll please…

…receive a 10% discount when you buy your timeless pieces from House of Bun if you type in my unique promo code:  amour bijoux

No excuses now to not feel and look glam!

Happy shopping!



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