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Tiffany & Co. Shares the Love with ‘What Makes Love True’

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New York, Love, Tiffany’s – need I say more

…Well yes I do actually – Tiffany & Co. have just launched, a beautiful new website that is the go to site and iPhone App for romantics all over the globe.

The website features content through four main areas: Love Stories, The Art of Romance, Tiffany’s New York  and Love is Everywhere – complete with real love stories, tips in the art of romance, the most romantic spots in New York, and a section where users can add their own sentiments by placing a heart at the desired point on a map and adding their initials, an overlay allows them to convey a story, send a note or perhaps suggest a favorite rendezvouz.  These hearts can also be shared on Facebook or Twitter.


* debuts with noted actor and filmmaker Edward Burns’ Will You Marry Me?, a short film he created exclusively for Tiffany. Burns presents a variety of couples who share heartfelt, humorous and surprising episodes from their romantic journeys.


* will be updated regularly with new content from Tiffany and visitors who add their own chapters to this endlessly fascinating and touching human interest story: true love.


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