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Opening Gala and Behind the Scenes at VFW

In Uncategorized on April 23, 2011 at 12:51 am

Being the Chief Stylist at Vancouver Fashion Week was a challenging and wonderful experience.  Not only did I get to meet and work with amazing people, but I was surrounded by truly stunning creations for six days straight.   Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers and people involved that made my experience one that I’ll never forget – the best team work that I have ever come across.  Thanks to Jamal, for having complete faith in me and letting me run with it, along with my trusty side-kick Jihan!

Here are a few pics I managed to take in between the running around ;o)


Models in True’s clothing and Sova Design hats

The wonderful, Jessica Karalash – branding & marketing specialist

Designer, Pouneh Askarian with a model in one of her brilliantly colourful designs…and me

Designer, Queenie Luo alongside a model in one of her amazing creations

Designer, Eva Chen and a model, both of them wearing Eva’s designs

My new fellow South African friend and rep Larainne Kaplan (in the middle) with two models, one wearing Fever London (left) and the other wearing Rosalita McGee (right)

With Jamal and Nicole Watson wearing Fever London

Models in designs by Kwak Hyan Joo with runway coach Melita Lébo Ellis and Jihan

Jihan and myself backstage

Above photo by: Amy Williams Photography

VFW Team!

Above photo by: Paul Oostergo


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