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Hat Mad

In Uncategorized on March 30, 2011 at 8:40 pm

Since I was a little girl wondering the flea markets with my pocket money, I had an infatuation with hats, and over the years I accumulated quite an impressive looking hat stand.  The only problem is, my head seems to be slightly on the small side, which has always been quite annoying.  Well, all that is about to change – for the first time in my life I have discovered a store that offers hats in different sizes.  They have a whole range of fabulous fitting hats in different styles, fabrics, feathers and patterns.  Welcome to the Goorin Brothers hat shop.


With the warm summer days on the beach just around the corner, here are a few I would love to add to my collection:


Sherman / $22.50 (on sale)


Frankie / $38


Eden / $48 (on sale)


Eric B / $40


Javier / $21.50 (on sale)


Diamond Dave / $50


  1. Have you ever been to Eddy Hat’s on Granville Island? It feels like a candy store :)

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