Fashions Fade, Style Is Eternal

London Trendies

In Uncategorized on March 24, 2011 at 5:15 am

Mr Robert King-Sarfo has been a happy little snapper, spotting dapper young gents all over London!  Let’s see who he snapped over the last week…


Meet Davey Rukin, who’s dressed from top to toe in Topman.  Davey likes London’s vast variety of styles and shops, and being able to find bargains in most charity shops.

What a top man eh ;o)


Next up we have Ross McLaughlan, who is a London based hairdresser/stylist.  His outfit is from: shirt – Chris Kerr Tailors, jacket – Christian Dior, jeans – Topshop, shoes – Cole Haan (vintage).

On favourite shops:  “I’m not a huge fan of high street shopping, so I take any opportunity to visit a tailor when I can.  My favourite shop at the minute would have to be ‘The Kooples’, My favourite designers/tailors are Lanvin, Ozwald Boateng, Dries Van Noten.”

On London style:  “I like that it’s so easy for people to express themselves via their wardrobe, its such an influencial city, why pigeon hole yourself to one particular style?”

On current trends:  “My favourite current trend is the sharp, tailor fitted look with a vintage edge, maybe some button on braces or some vintage shoes with a perfectly fitted suit just gives it a nice edge.”


Introducing Rob Gardner, who’s wonderful outfit is all vintage: blazer & jumpsuit – bought at a wholesalers, shoes & brooch – charity shops, sunglasses – Cutler and Gross (who’s website will transport you to the seaside, make sure you come back and don’t get swept away).

At the moment Rob feels the high street stores are a bit of a let down.  He finds that the best clothes come when you really look hard for them and use your imagination.  What he really loves about London fashion is that there is a big trend for ethnic prints and jewelery and his favourite trend at the moment is the 1930s cabaret inspired, fortune teller look.

And last but certainly not least, the colourful Mr. King-Sarfo.  This time round his outfit consists of: hat from ASOS, scarf from ASOS, jacket from Topman, crew neck shirt from Uniqlo, pants from Gant, shoes from H by Hudson


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