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Introducing…the Mini Spotlight by Dries Preston

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DRIES PRESTON, launched in 2010 by Carlene Junjulas, is young, creative, bold and innovative and has just launched a debut collection of clutch handbags. The line is called Mini Spotlight and it caters to all women who want to make a statement!The soft pleated silhouette made in eye-catching metallic leather is the perfect balance of feminine and fierce.


DRIES PRESTON signature Color Blast Light and stunning purple interior, make this bag the perfect accessory for a night out while illuminating your bags contents – GENIOUS!


I contacted Carlene for a little interview to gain more insight into her clever creation:

How did you get into your profession?
It’s the typical “For as long as I can remember I always wanted to pursue a career in fashion design”. It’s not for anything other than having the reward of bringing my designs from conception to completion. The bags are designed to help make life a little easier. When I’m engaged in a meaningful creative way I feel energized and it truly brings happiness.

Why did you start with handbags?

When I decided to start the company and create the brand I knew that my artistic freedom would best begin with bags. They are wearable pieces of art. I love how a woman’s confidence exudes when she picks up a beautiful bag.

How did your idea about this product come about?
From understanding of a women’s need for function. This bag works. It easily locates your essentials and will finally put an end to fumbling in the dark for your ID, keys or lip-gloss! And don’t worry the light isn’t too bright!

Tell me a little about the clutch?
It’s bold. It’s fun. It’s the Ultimate Party Clutch that will definitely put you in the spotlight with it’s illuminating interior. The light is switched on or off when opening and closing the bag via the magnetic button. The covered battery case has an on/off switch so the light can be turned off completely during daylight hours. 

What inspires your designs?
Other people–their needs and desires. Most of all, my own personal experiences. I’m also inspired by the elements: rain, wind, sun, nature and color of course. Since inspiration happens naturally meditating helps make my next moment fresh, entirely new and alive.

What’s in your clutch at the moment?
My camera (that gets a lot of use!), keys, cell phone, small wallet and lipgloss!
Do you ship orders to Europe and the UK?
Currently I only ship to the US but I will be incorporating European and UK shipping very soon.

What is your favorite fashion trend and what is your fashion pet hate?
Color is always a favorite. Color is often shied away from and having a bright accessory makes a statement without being too obnoxious. My pet hate is following trends too closely and not allowing for ones personality to shine through.

What can we look forward to next from you or have you got any more creations up you sleeve?
A larger sized clutch. The “GRAND SPOTLIGHT” is for the girl who holds everything in her bag! It’s coming soon so be sure to check out my website. Aside from that, I have lots of big plans for 2011 but you’ll have to wait and see…

What is your motto in life?
Anything is possible!

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