Fashions Fade, Style Is Eternal

Have a black tie event coming up soon?

In Uncategorized on December 13, 2010 at 8:58 pm

Here are a few tips from Dolce & Gabanna…


  • Black-tie doesn’t mean black dress – you can really wear any colour. Rich, red carpet colours like burgundy, emerald green or royal blue, in satin and velvet are beautiful and sequins and lace work well at any time.  The main thing is that you choose your dress with confidence!
  • Women and men should always interpret clothes according to their style, be ironic and self-confident and let clothes take a supporting role to their personality.  A dress should never look like its overpowering the wearer.
  • If you feel you lack the curves or confidence to wear a very sexy dress, choose other ways to be, e.g. a masculine suit worn with a Swarovski top or a corset.  Pieces with Swarovski always work as they catch the light and draw attention to your face.  What matters most is confidence.

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