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Shoot styling – 30th October 2010

In Uncategorized on November 6, 2010 at 8:30 pm

Well, it started out as a crispy sunny day…and then the rain came, almost on cue as I finished dressing the model into her first outfit.  It stopped, started, stopped, started and then didn’t stop for a while.  Five of us huddled under a few big trees which I can only describe as a secret hide-away and I must admit, the little girl in me was secretly enjoying it – the Haribos definitely helped.  Eventually it stopped and everything was glistening in the mid-afternoon sun.  Not sure if it was the sugar rush but the stunning autumn colours looked even brighter and was an amazing sensory overload.

Harriet, the model did an amazing job sticking it out in the cold like a trooper.  Mika Furukawa worked her magic in the make-up & hair department. Thanks to Sam for all her effort, holding up umbrella’s, creating a changing room, acting body-guard and of-course feeding me sweeties.  And, as you can see Jonathan did a great job on the photos!

All in all another good soggy day in London!

Above outfit:  Chunky knit dress – Zara / Grey knit poncho – stylist’s own / Tan lace-up shoes – New Look

Above outfit:  Chunky knit 3/4 jersey & knee-high socks – Topshop / Tweed jacket & fur stole – stylist’s own / Belt – Warehouse

Above outfit:  Jersey top & shorts – Zara / Belt – Stylists own / Over the knee socks – Asos / Shoes – New Look

Above outfit – Dress – H&M / Scarf – Primark / Tights – Topshop / Shoes – New Look

Above outfit:  Coat – Topshop / Dress – Miss Selfridge / Tights – Topshop / Shoes – New Look

Photographer – Jonathan Gooch

Model – Harriet

Make-up & Hair Artis – Mika Furukawa

Assistant – Sam Gooch

Stylist – Moi


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