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My Session Styling a Celebrity Chef

In Uncategorized on November 3, 2010 at 2:07 pm


A bit of a delayed post, but better late than never hey.

A couple weekends ago I styled the wonderful Celebrity Chef winner, Tarrant Ablett who will be having regular TV slots on This Morning’s TV show.  Our action packed weekend consisted of a 3 hour analysis followed by a 5 hour shopping trip.  Have a read of Tarrant’s take on his experience by following the link below:

“After my success of cooking on live television, it was remarked upon politely by some of my friends that my wardrobe could do with a little ‘updating’. The truth is that in the past I had never really been bothered about my appearance. Jeans and a T-shirt was quintessentially ‘smart casual’, a suit was for work and jogging bums were for lounging around the house. Three outfits, three uses. Why change a formula that has worked for me all these years? However, there is nothing more humbling to the soul than going on national television and then experiencing ‘constructive feedback’, almost instantly. Sure, Facebook allowed my friends to congratulate me on the food I was concocting. But it also gave them a forum to destroy my shirts.”

click link to read on…–Style-lasts-forever-

Still a happy man, after 5 hours of shopping!  Look at all those bags – put’s my shopping trips to shame!!!


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