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Amazing Random Diversions

In Uncategorized on September 9, 2010 at 8:46 pm

So, I decided to escort myself to the Vogue Fashion’s Night Out at Liberty last night.  I jumped onto the number 38 bus and when it was diverted I was less than happy jumping out into the rain in my pink stiletto’s.  However, the rain was actually just spitting (as it does ever so politely in London) and I met funky Robert, a fellow divertee also making his way to Tottenham Court Road, turned out he’s a men’s fashion stylist & muse in the making – watch this space guys!  4 minutes of fashion talk and 1 business card later, I jumped onto the tube and made my way to Oxford Street.

Up to the exit and yip, another diversion, only one exit was open which took me out into Argyll Street where there was a huge crowd surrounding Warehouse.  They were offering a one night only chance for the public to choose an outfit from their store and have a model catwalk it for the crowds there and then.  So off I skipped with a smile on my face and slightly soggy stilettos to sign up.  The store was buzzing with girls frantically putting outfits together in the allocated 10 minutes only!  I dressed my already stunning model and off she went – proud moment and I patted myself on the back.

My D&G inspired outfit with a punch of red to liven it up:


At Liberty, the line to see Manolo Blahnik was ridiculous so I explored the other exciting bits going on inside.  First up was the gorgeous scarf department where I was shown how to tie a scarf into a fifties style headdress – exciting stuff.


The first floor had a free bar serving delicious cocktails made by Circus, a restaurant/bar with a difference.  They had a few of their performers prancing around and shaking their feather boas and tassley bits at everyone.


Besides for the lure of the comfy looking chairs I wandered into a cove and discovered a haven of shoes and just couldn’t resist trying them on, they were all size threes so I took that as a clear sign.

A few stunners on my happy feet.

Audrina / KG by Kurt Geiger / £90


Electric / KG by Kurt Geiger / £180


Velour Skull Pump / Alexander McQueen / £565


Tweed Faithful Boot / Alexander McQueen / £670

(My oh my, if I paid for those shoes I would never cheat on them)

Well there is only so many photos you can take of your own feet in 30 minutes and I was thirsty again.  I grabbed my last cocktail and headed down to the prize draw where the lucky lucky man below won an entire window worth of goodies including a Mother of Pearl leather jacket, Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag, Assad Mounser necklace, Balmain t-shirt, Michael Birch scarf and many many more beutiful (and expensive) things.**

The lucky so-and-so.

  1. You braved the rain and made it! I like the outfit that you put together. The red scarf makes it fun. :)

  2. Nix wow…you are doing so well and seeing so many amazing things in the world of fashion! Love your dress too

  3. Thanks girls – can’t deny that I am loving it all.

  4. HUGE Congrats Nix…you have such a natural eye for fashion! Keep on doing what you doing and soon you’ll be a name on everyone’s speed dial!

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