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A/W Trends Continued…

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I’m back!

Back to the Pure Exhibition that I attended a couple of weeks ago and the presentation on what trends to expect over autumn and winter.


Denim on Denim

The next hot trend to look out for or perhaps re-visit but this time with an 80’s element to it – think MC Hammer, or a prairie reinterpretation – think one-pieces and dungarees.

Khabi Mirza and Asos womenswear buyer, Jo Hunt giving advice on the DD trend.


A classic look will include boyfriend jeans,  a denim shirt paired with a WW2 inspired aviator jacket with a sheepskin collar.  Make sure to have as much difference in weight and colour between the shirt and bottoms as possible with the bottoms being the darker denim.

Khabi Mirza and model in slighty 80’s double denim outfit.


Where to get this look…

Sleeveless Flying Jacket / Topshop / £195 – click image to buy

Snow Wash Shrunken Denim Shirt / Miss Selfridge / £30 – click image to buy


Extreme Ripped Tapered Jeans / Topshop / £45 –  click image to buy


Bric A Brac Black Leather Heels / Office / £60 – click image to buy


Americana/Preppy Trend

Again, a trend that has been around this year already but with a few slight changes.  With more of an 80’s fit, baseball and varsity jackets are slimmer on the shoulders, maintaining a sleek silhouette.  Feminine chequered shirts will be worn under the jacket or even as outerwear along with pleated, tapered chinos  which are a great alternative to denim.  Finish this look with a pair of brogues or flat lace-up pumps.

Khabi Mirza and model in  80’s Americana outfit.  Yes, the man likes to use his hands when talking.


Where to get this look:

Baseball Bomber Jacket / Topshop / £40 – click on image to buy


Navy Chino Trousers / Miss Selfridge / £32 – click image to buy

White lace-up canvas pumps / Office / £15 – click image to buy


Sizzling Sequins

Yet another trend that is still around to stay but this time with more placement, patterns and bright colours and mainly in disc shape.

Where to get this look:

Rothko Sequins Dress / French Connection / £63 – click image to buy



Printed leggings are going digital in a kaleidoscope of interesting colours.  Slouchy tops are going to have more of an illustrative, sketchy print with hints of flora making the summer last that little bit longer.  Wear these two together to balance the look out.

Other prints to look out for are digitised print shift and mini/scuba dresses with contrasting panels and diamond shape cut outs on the back.

Winters floral prints are set to black based.  Bag yourself a dress with black background currently on the high street now and it can be worn into winter by adding tights!

Where to get this look:

Louche Detta Strappy Dress / Joy / £45 – click image to buy



Finally, a trend that hasn’t been around this year.  Velvet is going to come in every shape and form this a/w from skirts and dresses to coats, handbags and accessories.  Choose rich jewel colours to add to the elegance of this fabric or muted tones bringing out the softness.  This is a fabric that can be worn in many different ways, but keep things simple and stick to a theme such as grunge, elegant, whimsical or dandy.  If you aren’t a fan of wearing velvet, stick to accessories such as velvet clutch bags, shoes, head bows or ribbons to update your outfit.

Where to get the dandy look:

Ruched Velvet Blazer in Black / New Look / £44.99 – click image to buy

Louche Lavinia Velvet & Chiffon Panel Skirt / Joy / £32 – click image to buy


ASOS Posh Bow Heeled Shoe / ASOS / £45 – click image to buy


Well I think that’s enough information overload for the day – hopefully I have provided some inspiration for the up and coming trends.

Thanks to my photo snapper for the day, Carrie – you were a super star!

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