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Bring Back the Swim Cap

In Uncategorized on July 2, 2010 at 1:15 pm

I say bring the 1950’s swimming cap back, even if it’s just for a season – who can say they have never wanted to wear a cute floral swimming cap that actually has no other real purpose than looking cute.

The original rubber or rubberized fabric swimming cap was invented in the 1920’s to keep your hair out of the face while swimming.  Today, it has evolved dramatically in texture and purpose and it is more essential for competitive races or training.

Shortly after the shortage of rubber due to World War II, bathing caps became scarce and women who managed to get their hands on them were considered very fortunate.  They came back in full swing in the 1950’s and were made of various colors, textures, floral patterns and were all the rage.  It was the most fashionable way to protect the hairstyles that women were so proud of.  Some women were so protective of their hair that, in addition to wearing a bathing cap, they would swim with their heads completely out of the water.

This leads me to a question – is there a certain age that when women go for a paddle, they adopt the neck craned out of the water position, avoiding any little terrors splashing and kicking water about, with a look of deep concentration/worry on their face?  I found myself doing this on my last holiday and when I realised I was doing it I was mortified!  This is where a cap would have come in handy.

Tempted…well here are some for sale if you fancy putting some style into your splashing about:
Yellow Flower Petal Vintage Swimming Hat / Saratoga / £25
Green Swim Hat with 3 Flowers / Saratoga / £12.50
White Petal Swimmin Hat / Saratoga / £23.99
Lilac Swim Hat with 3 Flowers / Saratoga / £12.50

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